Via Dolorosa

Via Dolorosa (or “The Way of The Cross”) is the route Jesus trod on his way from Gethsemane to Golgotha, on the Holy Thursday.

While walking through Jerusalem’s Old City streets you will notice metal plaques on the walls, indicating the Stations, together with some descriptive statues highlighting the event itself.

There are 14 different stations on the way, each of them carrying a different story. While the first 9th are among the city streets, the last 5th are located inside the The Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Let’s walk the Via Dolorosa together. For the real walk allocate around 2-3 hours to visit each point in depth. Expect long queues inside the Church and for the Holy Tomb.

1st Station

  • 1st Station, Via Dolorosa

Starting with the 1st station, this place indicates where Jesus has been condemned by Pontius Pilate. As you leave Lions Gate behind, it is on your left, inside the Islamic school.

2nd Station

  • 2nd Station, Via Dolorosa

Across the street is the 2nd station, inside the Franciscan Church of the Condemnation. Here is where Jesus received his cross.

  • Franciscan Church of the Condemnation, Jerusalem

Stop by the Chapel of the Flagellation inside the same courtyard. Take a few minutes to pray and admire the ceiling with its crown of thorns.

  • Chapel of the Flagellation, Jerusalem

3rd Station

  • 3rd Station, Via Dolorosa

This station is marked by a small chapel and it’s located near the Armenian Hospice. As illustrated above, in this place Jesus fell down for the first time.

4th Station

  • 4th Station, Via Dolorosa

Similar to the preview station, the 4th stop is inside a small chapel too. Here, Jesus faced his mother in the crowd for the first time.

5th Station

  • 5th Station, Via Dolorosa

The station is marked by the outside wall only. In this place the Romans told Simon to help Jesus carry the cross.

6th Station

  • 6th Station, Via Dolorosa

Marked on the wall, here Veronica wiped Jesus face.

7th Station

  • 7th Station, Via Dolorosa

The station is located in a small chapel. Here, Jesus fell down for the second time.

8th Station

  • 8th Station, Via Dolorosa

In this point, Jesus told some women to not cry for him, but for themselves and their children.

9th Station

  • 9th Station, Via Dolorosa

This is the last station before entering the church. Here, Jesus fell down for the third time.

10th Station

While entering the church you will notice in front of you the Stone of Unction. Here, Jesus’s body have been anointed before the burial. Take your time to pray.

  • Stone of Unction, Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Inside the Chapel of Calvary, located upstairs on the right, are the next three stations. A chapel is build on the place Jesus have been stripped of his clothes, station number 10.

11th Station

The 11th station is where Jesus have been nailed to the cross.

12th Station

  • Chapel of Calvary, Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Here is where the Crucifixion of Jesus took place. An altar has been built around the stone considered to be the Rock of Calvary. Stay in line to touch the stone and make your prayers.

13th Station

The last station before the Holy Tomb is also located in this chapel. In this place, Jesus body is taken down the cross and handed to Virgin Marry.

14th Station

  • Tomb of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Last but not least, we arrive to the Tomb of the Holy Sepulchre.

You will stay in a long line before entering and pray inside. You will be quickly pushed out, so expect to not have more than 10-15 seconds for yourself.

Chapel of St Helena

Inside the Church are a few more Chapels to be visited.

  • Chapel of St Helena, Church of the Holy Sepulchre

If you want to see where the three crosses were discovered, make a stop at the Chapel of St Helena.

  • Golgotha, Church of the Holy Sepulchre

While walking around the church you will be able to see a remaining part of the Golgotha Mount.

Prison of Christ

Do not miss a stop to the Prison of Christ. Even if is not part of the Via Dolorosa, this place is highly filled with emotional charge. A visit is worth in more than a thousands words.

  • Prison of Christ, Jerusalem

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