Visit Tel Aviv

More famous for its food and parties than anything else, a visit to Tel Aviv is a must while in Israel. Comparing to Jerusalem, where the history is at its home, Tel Aviv is a new city founded at the beginning of the 19th century over some sand dunes – today, a charming modern city!

So, still wondering why to visit Tel Aviv and how much time to spend? According to your interest, you can spend from a few days to weeks here enjoying the museums, street art, shopping malls, bars & restaurants and of course, the beautiful Mediterranean beach.

Carmel Market

  • Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

Markets are the best places to feel the city soul and this is without any doubt the case of Tel Aviv. Go on a Friday before Shabbat to see it crowded, with people looking to bargain and get as many fruits, vegetables, fresh food, small souvenirs or clothes, as they can.

Old Jaffa

Ancient Jaffa is known for thousands of years, with a history going back to the 18th century BC. It is mentioned in historical documents and in the Bible. Many empires came to rule the village and port, as its position was key for import export trade.

Walk around and explore the old port, the flea market, the clock tower, St. Peter’s Monastery, Abrasha Park and the HaPisgah Gardens. Spend some time in one of the cafeterias nearby to admire the view.

Beach Promenade

  • Tel Aviv Beach

Take your time to enjoy a walk. With 14 km of beach length, there is a lot to explore!

City walk

Have a walk around Tel Aviv’s Streets and neighborhoods, admire the Bauhaus architecture, enjoy a coffee in a cozy place and find a good restaurant – if possible vegan as are pretty famous.

Beach time!

  • Tel Aviv Beach

If the weather allows you, enjoy some time at the beach.


There are plenty of graffiti in this town and are all so beautiful! Have a walk around or take a tour to hear the stories behind them.

Well, I hope you will spend explore Tel Aviv even more in depth than I done and create your own memories! Meanwhile, you can read more about Israel and Palestine here.